About Us

We are CAMPFIR3 – a collective of Artists, Strategists, Developers, Writers, and Firestarters.

CAMPFIR3 was founded in 2020 by a collective of teams from digital agencies that saw something missing in the marketplace. Traditional agencies act on behalf of their clients to execute project plans with the team they have in-house. They give you their A-team during the pitch and then you are typically handed off to an account person who may have some understanding of your industry (specialty agencies aside) to lead the internal team after the project is won.

As a collective, we have over 20 years of experience building online environments. With that level of experience we’re able to bring forward a team that doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter solutions. The kind who understand the holistic nature of our craft. The kind who look beyond the obvious to discover fresh approach to your problem whether it be a simple printed brochure or a complex content strategy to move the needle for your business.

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