Meet the Firestarters

Ingrid Korgemagi

VP Chief Strategy Officer

Ingrid is a seasoned pro at bringing smart strategy and trend analysis to organizations of all sizes, including companies 10,000+ employees strong and a small agency of her own. A graduate of Boulder Digital Works in UX/UI and a level III Pragmatic Marketing certification, Ingrid has turned her Journalism/Advertising Degree from The Ohio State University into focus for creating websites and digital environments where people sell, enlighten and provide immersive experiences for their brand.  She’s worked with big brands including YUM! Brands (Global), Brown-Forman, Samsung, Greater Louisville Inc (GLI), Sprint, and Humana, to name a few. When she’s not busy guiding the company toward success, you’ll find Ingrid on her boat entertaining guests and putting her wine and spirits knowledge to good use (she’s a Certified Bourbon Steward, too).

Hit Ingrid up and start talking strategy.

Tom Fawbush

VP Chief Creative Officer

With a BFA in Painting, Photography and Graphic Design Tom has decades of industry experience and awards. A Louisville native, Tom’s advertising career has taken him all across the country and even given him the chance to work with the likes of Bob Newhart and Aubrey Plaza. His holistic approach to advertising and brand engagement makes him dive deep into the digital world while having a firm anchor in traditional advertising. He’s a strong believer that a story is a story; it’s how you tell it that changes. A lover of a challenge, he’s worked on brands like Microsoft, Chase Bank, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Annie’s Foods, and VH1 but he gets a rush from helping challenger brands move the needle and stake their claim in the marketing world. When he’s not sitting behind a computer pushing pixels, you can find him at the helm of his sailboat out on the Ohio.

Shoot Tom a message and see what creative disruptions he can come up with for your brand.

Sarah Lowe

VP Marketing Operations

As the VP of Marketing Operations at CAMPFIR3, Sarah manages resources, which could mean talent or budget. With an MBA and BS in Management from Indiana University Southeast and well over two decades of experience in project management, marketing and account services, Sarah is a go-to for CAMP3Rs who need advice on anything from fulfilling client requests to aligning creative with strategy. She’s a seasoned expert at lassoing resources and managing projects from social calendars to complex web development. While Sarah’s a great team player, her favorite hobby outside of work is actually all about her: running. Sarah goes for distance as a marathoner, and she has multiple 26.2 mile races under her belt. With the months of commitment and the physical (and emotional) toll it takes to train, it’s clear that Sarah’s drive isn’t just a motivation found at work. It’s just who she is.

If you want to hit the ground running you’ll need to catch up with Sarah.

With close to 100 years of experience, at 10 different agencies, our people have started some fires for some pretty big brands.

The CAMPFIR3 Approach

Every brand has a story to tell. And just like a campfire needs three elements to come to life, a brand needs a strategy, a compelling story and beautiful design to be told over and over again. That’s why we do things differently at CAMPFIR3. When you work with other agencies, they bring their top talent to the table to get your business and then give it to their B team once they’ve locked the deal. That’s where we’re different. We have a core team that hires A talent for every project. Our list of partners and vendors has been curated from the finest developers, designers, copywriters, and digital strategists to bring each one of our clients the best story that can be told for their brand, over and over again.

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