Are you ready for Google’s new changes?

Ingrid Korgemagi

Ingrid Korgemagi

VP Chief Strategy Officer

Who couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over, right? But then who knows what awaits us in 2021. Here’s one thing we know for sure, Google has some big time updates coming to their algorithms. And businesses that don’t adapt to these updates could get lost in the shuffle.

Rankings can drop, and digital storefronts can get buried. The prospect of new growth can be stunted. In life, the only certainty is change, and in Google’s digital world, the same concept applies. For 2021, their focus is all on the experience: 

The Loading Experience: Pages must load in 2.5 seconds. Anything over 4 seconds will be read as negative when it comes to user experience (UX).

The User Experience: First Input Delay (FID) is an important, user-centric metric for measuring load responsiveness because it quantifies the experience users feel when trying to interact with unresponsive pages—the “good” range is within 100 milliseconds.

The Stability Experience: Google will be grading your users’ ability to scroll, swipe and click through your content effortlessly (and without technical interruption).This is the visual stability a customer has when engaging with your site content, or Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). The range here is 10 milliseconds. 

CAMPFIR3 will run an analysis of your website and locate any instances of pages that would hold the site back from ranking as high as possible in a Google search due to any experiential challenges. Did I mention it’s FREE? Just click below and fill out the quick form and we’ll be checking your site out faster than you can Google “algorithms”.

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