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Ingrid Korgemagi

Are you ready for Google’s new changes?

Who couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over, right? But then who knows what awaits us in 2021. Here’s one thing we know for sure, Google has some big time updates coming to their algorithms. And businesses that don’t adapt to these updates could get lost in the shuffle. Rankings can drop, and digital storefronts can get buried. The prospect of new growth can be stunted.

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Safenetix What we did 01. BRANDING02. BRAND GUIDELINES03. DIGITAL MARKETING04. WEB DESIGN05. WEB DEVELOPMENT Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Safenetix by Life Safety Services is a leader in training for safety inspections. They help companies save money by bringing these services inhouse. When they needed a logo, graphic elements and brand

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CatchNDealz What we did 01. BRANDING02. STYLEGUIDE03. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin CatchNDealz is a startup company in the bulk retail and auction space that needed a new logo, brand guidelines and some social media love. We gave them a distinctive, playful look for their logo and created

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