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Your brand should walk and talk. That’s where brand messaging comes in, dictating how your communication resonates with your target audiences. Through authentic messaging, we can create a company persona that people want to spend time with and in the modern age, marketing is all about building relationships. 

It’s hard to make a friend when you’re not being yourself. Once your Brand Identity is clearly defined, it’s time to turn our attention to your target audience and further shape your brand’s voice and message. During Messaging Development, we create user personas and develop a refined, sophisticated primary message, supported by secondary messaging sure to resonate with them.


Transparent analytics and media-agnostic buying practices mean that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. We use a combination of tools and technology to improve our agility and responsiveness to the quick shifts in the marketplace and maximize the effectiveness of your digital media spend. While we still plan for the long term, a flexible approach allows us to shift tactics with ease, constantly increasing returns and avoiding the trap of complacency. 

There are no “set it and forget it” marketing strategies at CAMPFIR3, and our strong understanding of this digital dynamic sets us apart from our competitors. But don’t get carried away–we can still execute with the best of them through more traditional media tactics that are proven to work, given the audience and goals. It’s this comprehensive, strategic and agile methodology, combined with constant testing and state-of-the-art analytics, that gives us the power to deliver unprecedented returns for our clients. We cherry-picked some vanguard systems that allow us to move the needle for our client partners.

Kentucky Center Advertising and Design

Web Design

We know your brand and promise, and we’re here to share your story and message in a compelling, engaging website experience. This website system will be fully scalable for future growth and will give you the ability to easily add new services, locations and functionality. 

After developing a user-friendly sitemap and design for your new website experience, our incredible development team will build a highly search engine optimized, lightning-fast website that just happens to be Level A-ADA Compliant. Level A is what most groups are shooting for today.  If your site requires higher compliance we can quote that, too.


Yes. We have close to 100 years of professional marketing, branding, design, web design, broadcast and just about anything else you can imagine

CAMPFIR3 is a core team of four, but we have an extensive network of contractors that we use to ensure that our clients have an A Team for every project. 

We require 50% upfront on most projects. This is the current industry standard and we feel a fair way to be sure your project gets off on a good foot. This also helps with any out of pocket expenses we need to incur for a project like fonts or photos. 

Yes. We believe in helping to support our community and understand that funds are usually limited to those organizations that need our help the most. 

There are Three Elements (hence the E3) needed to start a fire: Oxygen, fuel and heat. There are also three elements to make a brand great: Strategy, A Story and Beautiful Design. 

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